2017               Alfred University :: Alfred, NY :: Master of Fine Art :: Sculpture and Dimensional Studies    2006              Tulane University :: New Orleans, LA :: Master of Science :: Cell & Molecular Biology                2005              Columbia University :: New York, NY :: Graduate Thesis Research :: Public Health Graduate                                            Research in Support of 2006 MSc                                                                                    2005              Tulane University :: New Orleans, LA :: Bachelor of Science (Double Major) :: Sculpture (Glass)                                        and Cell & Molecular Biology

Professional Experience

2017-2018         Ridgeway IB Middle School :: Memphis, TN :: Instructor :: MYP Art Curriculum Development                                        and Implementation

2017                  Artspire Shanghai (Long Museum) :: China, Shanghai :: Consultant :: Youth Art Curriculum                                          Development and Implementation

2016-2017          Alfred University :: Alfred, NY :: Instructor of Record :: Beginning Glass

2015-2016          Alfred University :: Alfred, NY :: Teaching Assistant :: Introductory Glass and Foundry

2012-2015          TsingHua University :: China, Beijing :: Lecturer :: Contemporary Art Survey, Media &                                                  Cultural Studies

2014-2015          Central Academy of Fine Art (IFC) :: China, Beijing :: Lecturer :: Digital Fabrication &                                                    Foundations

2012-2014          Central Academy of Fine Art :: China, Beijing :: Instructor :: Youth Integrated Arts                                                        Curriculum Coordinator

2011-2012           Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications :: China, Beijing :: Consultant :: Guest                                          Lecturer and ESL Curriculum Development

2011-2012           Carden In China :: China, Beijing :: ESL Educator

2006-Present     James Ronner LLC :: US and China :: Design and Fabrication Consultant :: Individual                                                Artists, Academic Institutions & Equipment Manufacturers

2007-2009          Tulane University :: New Orleans, LA :: Biomedical Research Technician

2001-2009           New Orleans School of Glassworks :: New Orleans, LA :: Glass Instructor

2006-2008          New Orleans Creative Glass Institute :: New Orleans, LA :: Instructor and Assistant

2006                    Gulf Restoration Network :: New Orleans, LA::  Technology Analyst :: Wastewater                                                     Treatment Technologies

2001-2005           Nuance Glass Studio :: New Orleans, LA :: Production and Studio Manager

2003-2004           Tulane University :: New Orleans, LA :: Teaching Assistant and Gaffer Assistant

2002                    U.S. Public Interest Research Group :: New Orleans, LA :: Grassroots Fundraiser

2001-2002            LSU Health Sciences Center :: New Orleans, LA :: Research Assistant

2000-2001            Simon Pearce :: Windsor, VT :: Gaffer Apprentice


 2012-2015       SHECO Glass Studio :: China, Shanghai                                                                                 2012                The Dream Foundation :: Taiwan, Taipei                                                                                2011                JingMei Glass Factory :: China, Boshan


 2016               Career Development Center Grant :: Alfred University                                                                                        Bernstein Development Grant :: Alfred University                                                               2008              Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation Grant                                                                   2007              Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant                                                                                             2005              Georges Lurcy Grant in the Liberal Arts and Sciences :: Tulane University

Panels & Lectures

2017      “Do You Suffer From Bluh, Bluh or Bluh, Bluh, Bluh?” :: Alfred University :: Alfred, New York          2016      “Trust in Discomfort” :: Lviv National Academy of Arts :: Lviv, Ukraine                                              2015      “The Role of Craft in Contemporary Art” :: 1st Annual Fire Crafts Symposium :: China, Shanghai      2013      “Design in Contemporary Chinese Glass Factories” :: BarCamp Beijing :: China, Beijing                                    “Contemporary Glass in China” :: World Culture Out, 2013 Beijing Design Week :: China, Beijing  2011       “Designing Thought” :: Contemporary Design Practices :: China, Yixing                                                            “An American Narrative” :: Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication :: China, Beijing  2007     “Bio Glass: Green Studios” :: Glass Art Society :: Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                                                         Lori Beck, Julie Conway, Hugh Jenkins and Eddie Bernard

Selected Exhibitions

2017       “Do You Suffer From Bluh, Bluh or Bluh, Bluh, Bluh?” :: Fosdick-Nelson Gallery :: Alfred, NY        2016       “International Blown Glass Symposium In Lviv Exhibition” :: Lviv Glass Museum ::  Lviv, Ukraine                       “Last Minute Delivery” :: The Old Post Office, Hornell Arts Walk :: Hornell, NY                                                   “All the Show Names Ar” :: Robert C. Turner Gallery :: Alfred, NY                                              2015       “Craft in Contemporary Art” :: 1st Annual Fire Crafts Symposium :: China, Shanghai                                         “In the Mix” :: GalleryR :: Rochester, NY                                                                                                                 “Line to Ligature” :: Robert C. Turner Gallery :: Alfred, NY                                                                                   “Boshan Community” :: Boshan Community Glass Center :: China, Boshan                                2014        “Hermeneutics of a Room” :: Intelligentsia Gallery :: China, Beijing                                    2013        “World Culture Out” :: Beijing Design Week 2013 :: China, Beijing                                                                      “Art Shanghai 2013” :: Hongqiao Park :: China, Shanghai                                                                                    “Contemporary Glass” :: Moller Villa Hotel :: China, Shanghai                                                       2012       “MakerSpace Product Development Expo” :: Agricultural Exhibition Center :: China, Beijing                            “International New Art Glass Exhibition” :: Shanghai Museum of Arts and Craft :: China, Shanghai                  “Art Shanghai 2012” :: Hongqiao Park :: China, Shanghai                                                                 2011        “Repatriated Art” :: Dumois Gallery :: New Orleans, LA                                                                 2010       “FeedBack Inhibition In the Garden” :: The Smithy Pioneer :: Cooperstown, NY                         2009      “Open Studio and Community” :: The Shoe Factory :: New Berlin, NY                                                                                      Group show with Amy Mckinnon, Simone Mantellessi, Walter Gurbo and Zena Gurbo                    “Sarah Sing: A Retrospective & Sculpture by James Ronner”                                                                               “Irwin Hollander’s Workshop & Sculpture by James Ronner”                                                                                “Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Sculpture by James Ronner" :: The Smithy-Pioneer Gallery ::                                                                                                                                                   Cooperstown, NY   2007       “Glass, Trash, and Landfill Gas” :: Hite Art Institute :: Louisville, KY                                                                                          Group Show with Matt Eskuche, Claire Kelley, Anthony Schafermeyer, Pablo Soto.   2006       “From Six Feet Under” :: Sabo Gallery :: St. Louis, MO                                                                                                            Group show with Gene Koss, Stephen Paul Day, Andrew Brott,                                                                            Eddie Bernard & James Vella                                                                                                             “International Student Exhibition” :: Millennium Hotel - Glass Art Society :: St. Louis, MO   2005       “Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Show” :: Carroll Gallery :: New Orleans, LA                                                     “Westwego Art Show“ :: Westwego Performing Arts Center :: Westwego, LA                           2004        “Juried Undergraduate Show” :: Carroll Gallery :: New Orleans, LA                                                                    “Two Person Show” :: Nuance Louisiana Craft Gallery :: New Orleans, LA                                                         “International Student Exhibition” :: Contemporary Art Center :: New Orleans, LA   2003       “Museum Store” :: Boston Museum of Science :: Boston, Mass                                                                           “Juried Undergraduate Show” :: Carroll Gallery :: New Orleans, LA

Workshops & Demonstrations

2017      Microwave Glass :: The Long Museum :: China, Shanghai                                                                  2016      Trust in Discomfort (Hot Sheet Glass Assemblage) :: Lviv National Academy of Arts :: Lviv, Ukraine  2013      Ringed Sculpture :: Shanghai Museum of Glass :: China, Shanghai                                                2012      Shanghai Cups :: SHECO Glass :: China, Shanghai                                                                              2011       Organic Plumbing :: Dream Foundation :: Taiwan, Taipei                                                                    2010      Cane Working :: Hartwick College :: Oneonta, NY                                                                              2006     Eddie Bernard’s Flaming Cupid :: New Orleans Creative Glass Institute :: New Orleans, LA  2004     Gene Koss’s Monolithic Wood Casting :: Tulane University (GAS) :: New Orleans, LA      2003     Greg Geniuz’s Solid Sculptural Vehicles :: Tulane University :: New Orleans, LA                          2002     Cobalt Cups :: Jazzfest :: New Orleans, LA                                                                                    2001      Andrew Brott’s Culinary Delights & Turtles :: New Orleans School of Glassworks :: New Orleans, LA 


Software & Digital Fabrication ::  Experience with both Mac and PC operating systems, MS Office Suite Pages, Rhino, Mudbox, Adobe Creative Suite, Spear, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, PubMed, Statistical Analyses using “R” (GNU S), Introductory Microarray Data Analysis using GeneSpring GX, CorelDraw, Laser Cutting

Metal ::  Gas, TIG, MIG & SMAW Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Forging/Cutting, Plasma Torch Cutting, Milling & Lathe Capabilities, Slip Roll, Press Brake, Forklift Operation, Various Surfacing and Patination Processes, Lost Wax (Ceramic Shell), & Resin Bonded Sand Casting

Wood and Plastics :: Forming: Table, Band, Miter and Hand Saws, Plane, Drill Press and Various Hand Tools. Joining: Glue Ups, Various Fastening Hardware, Doweling, Biscuit Joining, Heat Forming and Joining. Finishing & Shaping: Orbital, Belt, Hand, and Bob Sanding and Finishing.

Ceramic ::  Hand Building (Slab & Coil), Wheel Throwing, Glaze and Ceramic Body Development, Slip Casting (Slab & 3D) Raku, Salt, Gas & Electric Firing

Glass & Stone ::  Neon, Mosaic, Stained Glass and Enameling, Off Hand Solid & Blown, Lamp Working    Glass Casting (Hot): Bentonite/Sand, Resin Bonded Sand, Wood, Graphite, Plaster- Silica & Cast Iron        Glass Casting (Kiln formed): Ceramic Shell & Plaster-Silica Lost Wax, and Calcined Plaster                          Cold Shop: Lathe, Belt Grinding, Lapidary Wheel, Wet Grinder, Diamond Saw, Sand Blasting, Acid Etching & Various Epoxy Solutions

Molecular Biology Lab ::  Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, Southern, Northern & Western Blotting, Tissue Culture, Restriction Mapping, DNA & RNA Extraction & Purification, Micro Surgery & Injection, In Situ Hybridization, Probe Synthesis, qRT-PCR, UV & IR Spectroscopy, Microarray Data Analysis, Mouse Colony Management, Lab Materials Management, Eagle Scout